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I worked for a Fortune 500 company that nearly bankrupted as a consequence of long running unethical and illegal behavior. The circumstances of the fraud could have been prevented had Veritas been our fraud prevention partner. Whether your operations are a large public company or a small local business, the Veritas system is effective in identifying and preventing wrongdoing. Incorporating Veritas into your internal controls is an investment in stakeholder value and a key component of minimizing risk from unethical activities.

~Weston Smith, Former CFO and Informant of HealthSouth Corporation

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Veritas Solutions Group LLC is devoted to the prevention, detection and remediation of fraud and unethical behavior in organizations. View Brochure

Fraud and unethical behavior find their way into business every day. Too often, organizations don’t take action until the behavior has been alleged or discovered. While studies show that fraud and unethical behavior are frequently committed by trusted employees, most employers don’t foresee this happening and are unprepared. A proactive approach to fraud management is essential to save your company from financial and reputational loss.

Our Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) are fraud-prevention specialists, consultants, auditors and investigators. CFEs have a unique set of skills; they combine knowledge of complex financial transactions with an understanding of the methods and laws related to fraud and its resolution. They are equal parts accountant, investigator, attorney, and criminologist.

Veritas’ CFEs are trained to identify the warning signs that indicate evidence or risk of unethical behavior. They understand the issues and are able to work with you or outside counsel to bring matters to resolution efficiently and discretely.

We are experienced in handling all facets of fraud, ethics, forensic accounting and investigations, and will help you by:

Preventing and deterring fraud and unethical behavior within your organization

  • Performing internal-control assessments, integrating enhancements and providing internal audit services
  • Implementing and monitoring your (low-cost!) reporting hotline
  • Conducting pre-employment background screening services
  • Conducting fraud and ethics training (CPE eligible)
  • Providing fraud risk and security assessments
  • Assisting boards in understanding their fiduciary responsibilities and providing tools to ensure good corporate governance

Detecting and responding to fraud and unethical behavior within your organization

  • Examining records for fraud or unethical behavior and preparing reports for management and boards
  • Conducting interviews and interrogations
  • Providing litigation support, including expert testimony
  • Performing forensic accounting functions, including reconstructing accounting records
  • Investigating employee theft
  • Performing data recovery, data analysis and computer forensics
  • Performing damages and loss calculations
  • Locating hidden assets and providing surveillance services

We can work within your industry including:

  • Insurance
  • Health Care
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Service Organizations

Our team of seasoned professionals includes CFEs, CPAs, former law enforcement, educators, and private investigators. We know how to simplify the complications in these areas. We understand how to provide a solution in an effective and efficient manner, with the utmost in professionalism and sensitivity to your organization’s reputation.

Safe and Effective Fraud Identification

Your current employees are your eyes and ears in the workplace. Most fraud and unethical behavior is discovered by tips from employees. Verifi reporting service is a confidential and secure way to report questionable behavior within an organization.  Click here to learn more.

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